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Some of My Favorite Lists to Make

I’m very much a list person. Lists strike that perfect balance between organizing my thoughts into a logical flow and having the freedom to get those thoughts out of my head with minimal effort. A list doesn’t have to have perfect grammar or structure, yet it’s still structured enough to give me clarity on whatever […]

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When There Isn’t an Easy Answer

A couple of weeks ago, my favorite band, DAY6, released a new album. The title track, “Zombie,” illustrates a reality many of us currently find ourselves trudging through: day after day, repeating the same tedious motions with no clear end or change in sight. DAY6 are a South Korean band, so the song is in […]

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Things to Know About Yourself

I strongly believe that in order to be truly effective both in taking care of yourself and in helping others, you have to be aware of and confident in who you are. I don’t necessarily see this as needing to “find yourself,” however, but rather that you should come to understand who you are already […]

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Give Yourself a Break

I started two or three other blog posts that I intended to publish this week, but none of them felt right for this particular time. With so much uncertainty and anxiety surrounding us, I find it easy to put up walls of sorts by pushing productivity and positivity, to try to make the most of […]

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The Practice of Resetting

These are uncertain times. Of course, I could say that all times are uncertain to a point, but it’s true that now feels a little extra uncertain. I’ve written before about facing uncertainty in my life and career, and about how I deal with that. But the main principle it boils down to is taking […]

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