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Some of My Favorite YouTubers for Creativity, Productivity, & More

Some of My Favorite Youtubers

You can tell a lot about a person by their YouTube history. I’m sure we all have our share of favorite YouTubers, from inspirations to entertainment to guilty pleasures.

Today, I decided to share a few of the channels I regularly tune in to, for various reasons. For this list, I decided to focus on just a few of my favorite YouTubers. Each channel has a different topic, but they share a common thread of creativity.

If you’re looking for some new inspiration or entertainment, I recommend checking some of them out.

1. Productivity & Goals: Rowena Tsai

Rowena Tsai is a vlogger who shares her own personal development journey. She’s one of my go-tos for advice on productivity systems, self care, and growing one’s relationship with oneself.

Each of her videos is like a warm, friendly hug from someone who’s traveling life’s mundane and exciting moments alongside you. I love that she’s honest about life’s struggles as well as encouraging about the potential for positive change each day.

2. Commentary: Cruel World Happy Mind

Madison of Cruel World Happy Mind examines scams, cults, and other people with less-than-good intentions to watch out for. Her videos are well-researched and informative, as well as fun and interesting. I’ve definitely fallen down a rabbit hole or two learning about the lengths some people will go to take advantage of others — and how to avoid them.

3. Creative ASMR: Goodnight Moon

I’ve mentioned before that ASMR is a great way to relax, and Goodnight Moon is a consistent favorite channel for this. Channel runner Erin produces beautifully shot, ear-pleasing videos with full-on storylines. She’s created an entire fleshed-out fantasy world with a varied cast of characters and intricate details — and that’s just one category of videos that she makes.

4. Fun with Languages: Twisted Translations

Formerly known as Google Translate Sings, Twisted Translations is a fun channel dedicated to playing with scrambled translations of popular songs (and other things). Lyrics are translated into multiple languages using Google Translate and then back into English, and sung or spoken with new or nonsensical meanings.

5. Music Analysis: ReacttotheK

For fans of Kpop music — or anyone interested in in-depth music analysis — ReacttotheK is both entertaining and educational. What started as a few university students reacting to music videos has grown into much more than that. Classical music students and music professionals react to Kpop music videos and songs, drawing on their classical music perspective to share insights on music theory and production. The channel also often interviews industry songwriters, producers, etc., as well as some Kpop stars themselves.

6. Writing: Terrible Writing Advice

The Terrible Writing Advice channel runner creates humorous, detailed, comic-style videos portraying what not to do as a fiction writer, particularly in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. All the advice is delivered in a tongue-in-cheek manner, and sucks you into a vibrant cinematic universe of characters.

If any of these YouTubers are unfamiliar to you, I definitely recommend you check them out. I’d also love to know about your favorite YouTubers — where do you go for inspiration?

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