A Personal Touch Goes a Long Way.

To tell an impactful story, you have to breathe life into it. Often, doing so requires a human touch that digital tools simply can’t fully provide. That’s where calligraphy and hand lettering come in. Not only are handwritten pieces crafted, well, by hand, but they’re also custom-designed to express your unique personality — telling your story, your way.

While a traditional calligraphy script adheres to the rigid structure of a single style, modern calligraphy allows for greater flexibility and stylistic choice. I can design a script or lettering style that suits your tastes, or match an existing one you love. (Check out the gallery for samples of my previous work!)

Whether it’s for your brand, personal enjoyment, or a special event, I’ll create beautiful modern brush calligraphy or hand-lettered designs to suit your creative needs.

Here’s how it works.

We’ll start with a consultation to discuss your vision for the project. Then I’ll put together a few sketches for you to choose from. Once the design is ready, you’ll get a digital proof and two rounds of revisions to ensure you’re happy with the finished product (additional revisions are available if needed at an extra charge).

Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering Services

Choose from the service offerings below, or contact me to put together a custom project.

  • Hand-drawn logos: Get a hand-drawn, digitalized logo that expresses your brand’s unique story and identity.
  • Custom email signatures: Sign your business or personal emails with a custom handwritten signature that matches your personality.
  • Event place cards: Make every guest feel personally welcomed at your event with a handwritten place card.
  • Invitations: Extend a personal invitation to your event with handwritten invitations.
  • Menus: Get custom-designed menus for your business or event.
  • Greeting cards: Send a personal note with custom cards for any occasion, with either a prewritten greeting or a blank interior.
  • Hand-addressed envelopes: Add a touch of human contact to customer outreach or event invitations with hand-addressed envelopes.
  • Wall art & decor: Display your favorite inspirational quote, poem, song lyrics, or other text in your home or office.