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Case Studies

Podcast Production Manager

Publishing/Self-Help Podcast

I started working on this podcast soon after its launch and, over time, helped grow its reach to more than 18,000 downloads. During that time, I handled various aspects of the post-production process, including:

  • Establishing SOPs and researching new tools
  • Editing audio
  • Writing show notes
  • Repurposing episode content into blog posts
  • Creating audiograms and promotional images
  • Uploading episodes for distribution online
  • Scheduling social media promotional posts for each episode
  • Communicating with guests as needed

Audio Editing & Promotional Content

Fintech Marketing Podcast

I started working on this podcast at the time of its launch. While I was initially hired solely to edit the audio and write show notes, my role was quickly expanded to include repurposing episode content into blog posts, short video clips, and promotional posts for social media.

Audio Editing & Show Notes

Nonprofits/Software Podcast

When I started working on this podcast, there were several episodes already published. In addition to editing audio and writing show notes for new episodes, I also updated the existing episodes with more impactful titles and detailed show notes, and helped establish a consistent format.

Proofreading Blog Posts & Transcripts

This client offered blog writing services and also hosted their own podcast. As proofreader, I checked blog posts for grammar, accuracy, and quality of content to ensure each piece could be delivered to the end client with confidence.

Additionally, I edited podcast transcripts for readability, added timestamps and speaker identification tags, and compiled bullet points summarizing each episode’s key takeaways.

Facebook Group Content Planning & Creation

As head of the Content Team for this client, I helped plan, create, and schedule various types of content for a thriving Facebook group with more than 2,500 members. My responsibilities included:

  • Collaborating on a monthly content plan with a central theme, activities to engage group members, and a content calendar
  • Assigning content creation tasks and training new team members as needed
  • Scheduling upcoming social media posts
  • Writing and scheduling weekly and monthly email newsletters
  • Helping plan and execute special online events

Quarterly Newsletter for Web & Print

I helped this church transition from a short monthly newsletter to a much more in-depth quarterly newsletter. For each edition, I handle:

  • Helping plan content
  • Proofreading articles
  • Designing the layout
  • Sourcing any additional images
  • Formatting the newsletter for both print and online distribution

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