Bullet Journal Mantras Page

Today I want to talk about a specific page in my bullet journal. I’ve mentioned this page before, but I’d like to go into a little more detail now.

The page is, of course, my mantras page.

A mantras page is a place to collect and refer back to quotations that you find encouraging or inspiring. These can be direct quotes from people, sayings or phrases that you want to remember, or meaningful song lyrics. I like to include a mix of all three categories, and I usually change up the quotes I use from journal to journal.

Mantras Page Layout

Bullet Journal Mantras Page Layout

Generally, I skip any kind of header for my mantras page and get straight to the words themselves. I also like to play around with colors, fonts/lettering styles, sizes, and orientations on the page. And I try to leave plenty of space to add any new quotes I come across throughout the six months I’m using that journal.

Taking the time to write out these words and sentences helps engrave them in my mind, and also gives me an easy place to find them when I need them. It also acts as a creative exercise, since I have to think about how I want to express the meaning of each quote.

Some of My Favorite Quotes to Include in the Mantras Page

These are a few examples of the quotations that I have included in multiple journals. I’ve divided them into two categories: quotations and song lyrics.


Emily Dickenson quote: if I can stop one heart from breaking...

“If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.” –Emily Dickenson

It’s overwhelming to think about all the things one could possibly do to make a difference in the world. There are so many people in need of help, so many problems that need solving. So I think it’s important to remember that none of us can do everything, but each of us can still do something.

Day6 YoungK quote: imperfection

“Imperfection is the perfection of a human being.” –Younghyun “Young K” Kang of DAY6

Chasing perfection only leads us to disappointment and frustration, and often paralyzes us with the fear of failure. But there is so much beauty and opportunity for growth in our imperfections.

Learn to buy cucumbers then save the world quote

“Learn to buy cucumbers first, then save the world.” –From this article about moving overseas.

This quote has stuck with me for quite a while. I first read it while I was living in China, and it hit home in more than one way. There were so many basic, simple things that suddenly became difficult when I moved to another country. Buying groceries — and even getting to the store and back all by myself — felt like huge accomplishments, especially during the first few months. So this quote reminds me to celebrate small victories, and that everything takes time. We have to learn and master the small steps before we can move on to the bigger tasks.

Song Lyrics

Day6 quote: Marathon

“It’s OK to be slow.” -from Marathon by DAY6

DAY6 is my favorite band, and a big reason for that is because they have a knack for writing lyrics that are simple yet powerful. This particular song talks about someone who is exhausting their energy by trying to sprint through life, and assures that person that there’s nothing wrong with walking for a bit. It also serves as a reminder that life isn’t actually a race at all, and that we all have our own pace.

Day6 quote: Best Part

“Today’s me is living today so that tomorrow’s me will be happy.” -from Best Part by DAY6 (Translated into English, not my translation)

Oh, look: more DAY6. This song is about making the most of every moment we have. But this line particularly struck me, because it’s about more than just living in the moment. It’s about leaving no regrets for one’s future self, and about recognizing that, while we live in the present, it’s important to keep our future health and happiness in mind, too.

Ateez quote: my way dreams are everywhere

“Don’t be afraid; dreams are everywhere.” -from My Way by ATEEZ

You might remember that ATEEZ inspired my overall bullet journal theme for the second half of this year. This song — like many of their songs — is about following your dreams even when you feel discouraged or unsure. It’s a reminder that, even if things don’t work out exactly the way you imagine, you can still find an amazing adventure if you just keep going.

What saying or quotations help you get through difficult times? Do you have a mantras page in your bullet journal, or do you have another place to write down words you want to remember? I’d love to hear from you.

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